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opinion of Melinda Csanaki - PASSPORT CONTROL PHOTO WORKSHOP 5

Mediawave. The blossom of Győr. A giant wave, from which there is no escape. A wave, whihc makes you wait for the other grabbing you again. If only those several red and grey breacelets could talk! Another connection providing eternal free ways of getting to know each other, learning, getting possibilities, entertainining and giving the background to give yourself fully to arts turning your back to everyday life. Streets are crowded by lovers of film, music and photography. Everything is in motion and the city shows its completetly new side.

On the first day our tasks and programmes, waiting for us for the whole week, were only getting their shape. Then a week started of which memories and moods won't be easily forgotten...
Mornings began usually hard, but after all every day finished with successes. We got countless help in learning the technics. And we weren't often only inspired by the positive critics to do our best in our every task. We thank first of all to Péter Szabó, who stood by us and helped us in every circumstance. He was a stable point of our days.
We had the opportunity to show our photos to professional photographers. Next day  we started fashion photography.  A professional fashion photographer arrived from Italy, and guided us in this field of photography. With the help of the fashion designers, hair-dressers and make-up professionals, our models got ready for a 2 day-long game with "lights and shadows".
Our nights were made colourful by a long scale of programmes from concerts to performances, of which recording was thought naturally reasonable. The week was closed officially by the screening of the photos and films made during the Festival. The applauding audience of the crowded Premier Hall was pleased  by the successfully finished works, which have been published on the Internet, too. After the award ceremony, we started to say goodbye non-officially to our new friends, and to the atmosphere of the Festival itself. Whoever had the possibility were there, it wouldh have been a pity to miss it… 
Mediawave is the festival, where everyone can find what he/ she is looking for and the way he/she want it. Connections are made between everything and everyone. People, arts, cultures, customs meet each other... A common world without borders!

Csanaki Melinda
(győri fotószakkörös)

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